How to Change Your Destination URL

How to Change Your Destination URL

How to Change Your Destination URL Dhrubajyoti Sen
October 05, 2022

How to Change Your Destination URL


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What is a Link Redirect?

If you redirect a link by changing the URL's destination from one to another.

For example, if you have a geturl, say geturl/latest blog that points to a blog post you released in January, you can change that same link to point to a new blog post that you released today.

As time passes, those who access the short link from the beginning can be directed toward the latest blog post.

GETURL allows you for redirection to any hyperlink or QR code. This means you can alter the URL that visitors see when they click on the link -- for any short link in Geturl. This is applicable to geturl links or scanning any geturl QR code which will be created with a domain.

Why Redirect a Link?

   To reach the proper destination  

Sometimes, you'll enter the wrong URL while shortening the link. In lieu of making a new link, you could just correct the existing one by editing the URL to which it is directed. As an example, let's say you've made a link that pointed to an FAQs site, however you actually wanted it to be pointing towards an About Us page. In addition, you've already sent the link in an email to your customers.

Instead of sending another email that contains a different link instead, you can forward the old link to the correct location. This is also valuable if your website itself changes, say is moved to The update will ensure that your users are directed to the latest page. This can be done by using geturl which enhances to reach the proper and desired destination

Change to a brand new destination

There are several reasons to change the location of a link as time passes. For instance, you could need to change the destination of a QR code every couple of months to provide a fresh seasonal promotion. Change the location, but maintain the QR Code that you have used and the short link that goes with it.

Sometimes as per requirement, some customer creates GetUrl link for their social media account like Facebook, Instagram, or any digital marketing campaign like lead generation program and they can use UTM Parameter to check the link of visitor information and can change the parameter without changing the short which you have shared earlier.


Automatically expires old links

We're constantly working to make sure that each GetUrl link you create is active. However, if the link you've created isn't any more valid--for instance when you're running an offer that is limited in time, you can alter its destination. In the end, certain hyperlinks are intended to remain in use for a specific amount of duration. It is possible to alter the location of the link once that period is over.

For instance, you could include a Get Url link on printed materials to advertise an event coming up. Once the event has ended then you can redirect that hyperlink to your homepage or any other landing page.

View history of link configuration

Each time you redirect a link we track the URL of the previous destination and the clicks it has. You'll be able to track when different destinations were in use on a particular GetUrl link as well as see the clicks related to previous destinations.